Selling services on Fabrito

Thank you for considering Fabrito to Sell your services. Before you start Selling services on Fabrito, there are certain things you need to take care of so that your experience becomes a smooth one.

  • It is always advisable to get clear requirements from the buyer over Fabrito message service  before you start working on any project.  This ensures that both you and the buyer have a smooth experience on Fabrito. Make sure that buyer’s needs are properly understood so that the services can be delivered in the best possible quality. But keep in mind that you should never share your personal information or ask for the seller’s personal information like Phone Number, Email ID etc. . This will be considered as violation of Fabrito’s Terms of Service and will lead to the deletion of your account.
  • If the service delivered by you is not accepted by the buyer, you can ask the buyer to reconsider the delivery and make any changes you desire. Still, if you are not satisfied, you can raise a dispute and in that case , you give Fabrito the right to to adjudicate the matter based on your conversation with the service provider.

Until the buyer approves the service delivery, the payment remains with Fabrito. Once the buyer approves the delivery, you receive the payment. Of course we keep a small commission(currently 18%) to keep the platform running. So you should keep the price of your service keeping the commission that will be parted with Fabrito in account.

Step by Step guide for Selling a Service on Fabrito.

  1. Signing up : The first step, of course is signing up in the platform. You can use the signup button on the top right corner of the homepage.
  2. Once you have successfully registered on Fabrito, you can Start selling your services. To begin, click on Post a Service on the top the home page of Fabrito. On clicking “Post a service”, you will have to enter the following details.
  • Service Name. Please begin it with “I Will” followed by your service, as it gives a personalized experience to the buyer. For example “I will create a 3D logo for you in 24 hours”. Remember to keep it short.
  • Price.Enter the price you want to keep for your service. The minimum price allowed is Rs 300 and the maximum price allowed is Rs 50,000. Fabrito will deduct a commission of 18% from the price set by you . So please set the price accordingly. After the buying and selling process is successful, you will get 300-18%of 300= Rs 246(18% being Fabrito’s commission fee). The amount will be transferred to your bank account within 10 days from the successful delivery of service. The nominal commission that we charge helps us run this platform.
  • Time of delivery (Day).Enter the delivery time. Please enter a realistic time within which you can deliver your services.
  • Category.Select appropriate category for your service. If you think that your service belong to a different category from the available ones, do let us know. We can create a new category for you.
  • Description.Describe your service. It is the most important part of your service description. It is where you sell your service. Describe every aspect your service in detail so that the buyer gets a realistic idea of what you have to offer.
  • Gallery.Upload an image that best describes your service. Currently, upto 5 pictures whose each minimum size is 768 x 435px
  • Video.If you have video describing your service, you can share its link too.
  • Extra services.In the extra Services section, enter the extra service and the price you will charge for the extra service. If the buyer selects extra service, the final amount will include extra service price over and above the base price set by you.  For example, you have created a service “I will design an android app” and you have set the price at Rs 300. In the extra service section you can mention that “I will publish your app too” and can charge another Rs 100 for this extra service. If the buyer opts for this extra service, the buyer will pay Rs 400.
  • Tags.Enter relevant service tags.
  • Opening Message.You can also enter a relevant opening message. This message will be shown in the direct chat box.

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