Job portal is developed for creating an interactive job vacancy for candidates.  This web application objective is to enable to jobseekers to place their resume and companies to publish their vacancies.

Key Features :

Main Website

  1. Search jobs on basis of skills,  city,  country or job title
  2.  Register as job seeker or provider
  3.  Login to job seeker or job provider

Job Seeker

  1.  Search for jobs
  2.  Apply online for desire jobs
  3.  Add or edit information including the qualifications,  experience and skills
  4.  Build resume using CV builder functionality of website
  5.  Upload latest resume

Job provider or Company 

  1.  Add or edit company’s profile
  2.  Post new job vacancy
  3.  Edit or deactivate the posted jobs
  4.  Job provider can see the list of job seekers applied for the job
  5.  Job provider can search jobseekers
  6.  Job provider can download the jobseekers resume
  7. Can send message to any job seeker


  1. Manage complete jobseekers section ie,  activate/deactivate/edit/delete jobseeker information
  2.  Admin can see jobseeker’s application for each job
  3.  Mange complete employee section
  4. Manage the posted jobs
  5. Manage the whole website content
  6. Can send message to any jobseeker or job provider
  7. Can send bulk emails
  8.  Manage news letter section
  9.  Manage success stories and many more. . .

Connect with us to get the DEMO, our software experts would be available to customize script according to your business needs.