As a prospective writer for your project it’s imperative that I write at least 50 words about myself to present me before you. Foremost ,blog writing requires correct grammatical English which anyway is a must for somebody is bidding for any blog project and for which you can safely bank on me. Next, writing has to be preceded by a fair amount of research because rarely can a person knows or can write on more than 3- 4 topics voluntarily and that is why I require Min 48 hours and Max 72 hours for writing the article once the requisites have been defined. I feel that for providing quality content, research on it, before writing, is a must and from my experience the aforesaid time has to be given for data gathering .Normally, the topics of the given blogs are diverse, and it takes time in the mind of the writer to form an idea about the given content and the details upon which the blog is to be written. The third part is to weave all the research that the writer has done into a coherent, easy to understand and lucid package. I personally abide by the aforesaid three points and that is my style of working and the time taken to produce a blog. I wish to work on your project and henceforth would wait expectantly to be in the list of shortlisted proposals for this job.