So, you are a buyer on Fabrito and you have finally found the service provider who will deliver your service. You had a discussion with the service provider over Fabrito Chat and you have mutually agreed upon an amount which is different from the price kept by the service provider on his/her service page. This is where custom order comes into picture.

How to initiate a custom order?

Suppose the price kept by a service provider for a Service is Rs 4900. You can see this price on the right side of the page, below “Active” tag and on the order button. But because your needs are different, and after discussion with the service provider over Fabrito Chat it was mutually agreed that the service provider will deliver it for Rs 7000 . So, to place a custom order for Rs 7000, the buyer will click on the “Send Custom order” link as shown in the image below.

After you click on the link “Send custom order”, enter the details based on your discussion.See image below

The seller will receive notification via Fabrito message and Email about this custom order. Once the seller goes to the message section and clicks on the notification related to this order, the seller will see the screen as shown below. Since the price was already discussed and if the seller sees the price as Rs 7000, the seller will click on “Send Offer”. If it is different from the price discussed, the seller can click on “Decline”. See image below.

Once the seller clicks on Send offer, a box will open as shown in image below where the seller will write his/her description and re enter the budget and time of delivery and send the agreed offer to the buyer.This is important as it will act as Contract terms and will help us in resolving conflicts between buyers and sellers.

The buyer will receive the message via Fabrito notification and Email about this. The buyer will see the agreed offer as shown in the image below. The buyer can click on any one of the links in the red boxes below.

Once the buyer clicks on any one of the links as shown in the above image, following box will pop up.

If the buyer agrees to everything, the buyer will click on “Accept & Checkout” and he/she will be redirected to the payment page. The buyer can also reject the offer.

This is how simple placing a custom order on Fabrito is. Have questions? Shoot us an email.