Fabrito has been created to solve the most basic problem of a digital marketplace. In most of the cases, the buyer is only able to verify the product or a service when the whole transaction cycle is complete i.e. once the order is marked as complete. What if the Seller or the Service provider receives payment only when you accept the order and the order is marked complete and you are satisfied with the quality of work? Fabrito brings this unique feature where Fabrito will take take care of your hard earned money and deliver it to the Seller only when you are completely satisfied.

Ofcourse, there can be situations where the seller has delivered services as promised but the buyer is not agreeing to mark the order as complete. Fabrito has this unique feature by which you can raise a dispute and in that case the dispute will be resolved by Fabrito.

What kind of services are available on Fabrito?

Fabrito enables companies and freelancers to post a wide range of services. The services are placed under various categories. Some top categories and services available under them are:

Digital Marketing- Banner Ads, content marketing, Influencer Marketing, SEO or Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

Graphics & Design- Cartoons, Logo Design, Photoshop Editing, Social Media Design, Presentation.

Video & Audio- Marketing Video, Testimonial Video, Whiteboard & Animated Explainers.

Website & Tech- Mobile apps & Web, Web Programming, WordPress.

Writing & Translation- Blog Posts & articles, Creative writing, Translation, Press Release, Resume & Cover letters, Resume Design & SOP writing and Transcription.

So if you are looking for some top services like resume writing services in India or website design services in India, just find a service provider and get your work done by some top service providers in the country.